Job fair, also referred commonly as a career fair or career expo, is speed dating for companies and professionals job seekers. A job fair is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees. Participating companies will individually conduct company information sessions inside their booths. These sessions will include information about the company as well as guidance for the selection-process. It is the great opportunity, face to face talk to know the details of the company about their facilities, salary, bonus and many others.


          Job fairs can play an essential role in college student’s futures. Many people can be intimidated by career fairs or think they are pointless, but career fairs are actually an outstanding way to network. They not only give students the chance to potentially find a job, but they also allow them to get their foot in the door in the business world.


           Asia Group, one of the topmost leading company of Tokyo, Kanda holds job fair event every week Wednesday 10am, in order to assist the foreigners who are dreaming or seeking job in Japan. Job fair is the basic key to open the success of the career. This event is the main bridge of achieving the target. Unless and until you got participate in such an event perhaps, your way to success is rarely impossible to imagine. Each and every person should keep in mind the famous proverb, Opportunity knocks once not a twice. So Asia Group suggests all the job seekers to attend the Job Fair event held every Wednesday starts from sharp 10am.

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